Fredericksburg, Texas
Computer Repair Services

Computer Problem Diagnosis

Troubleshooting computer repairs is time consuming, and without the proper tools for testing it can be a real guessing game. Inexperienced computer repair technicians can cause additional harm, making problems more difficult to diagnose or even damaging irreplaceable data. Don't waste time or opportunities testing computer errors, call Hogan Consulting for assistance. Our experienced technicians can rapidly diagnose problems and help protect your sensitive data. When your computer starts to act up, don't wait for a total failure, call us for assistance.

Hardware Replacement & Upgrades

When old computer components just aren't doing the job, but you're not ready to replace the entire computer, we can help with computer repairs and upgrades. Network card died? DVD drive ate your disk? Need a larger hard drive? Want to improve your workflow using two monitors instead of only one? Call us for assistance. We offer the best hardware prices, low labor rates, and full manufacturers' warranties on hardware components.

Virus Removal

It's going to happen. It is inevitable. Your computer will eventually get a virus. No anti-virus software is 100% effective. If your computer starts acting suspicious, do not hesitate. First, disconnect your computer from the Internet to minimize opportunities for further mayhem. Second, if your anti-virus software is alerting you to an infection, write down the specific details of those messages to aid in computer repair. Lastly, turn off your computer and call Hogan Consulting. Our technicians can scan your system for the latest cyber security threats and recommend solutions for virus removal. In the event of a total loss, we can help restore your computer to a previous state and get you back in business in the shortest time possible.

Windows Operating System Repair

HELP! MY COMPUTER WON'T BOOT! We hear it every week. Everything was fine yesterday but this morning I received a blue error screen or a cryptic message saying a Windows error occurred. Rather than rebooting twenty more times and hoping the problem will disappear, give our computer repair technicians a call. Did you purchase a computer recently that had Windows XP or Windows Vista installed, but you're ready to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8? We can assist with the upgrade and often provide the option to switch back to the previous version if you run into problems. Call us for assistance.

New Computer Setup

Our experienced technicians can help set up new computer hardware and configure it for your work environment. We configure accounts, install security software, configure network settings, and transfer your old files so you can take advantage of performance boosts and hit the ground running. We also offer on-site training so you can learn about new features first-hand from experienced users. If you are shopping for new computer systems, we can help recommend computer hardware best suited for your office environment and budget.