Computer Services

Hogan Consulting specializes in analyzing your business technology needs and developing custom computer solutions. Our dedicated developers stand ready to assemble the tools you need to help your business grow. Hogan Consulting solutions capitalize on new opportunities for business revenue and make existing business processes more flexible and efficient. Our solutions are designed to maximize your returns on investments. Our service area includes Fredericksburg, Texas, Kerrville, Marble Falls, Johnson City, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country area.

Website Design

We can help you realize your website vision. We create websites using today's technologies, coordinated with your marketing materials and brand.
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Computer Repair

Defective computers can crush office productivity. Our technicians diagnose computer problems, replace defective hardware, reinstall software, and have your office back online in the shortest time possible.
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Desktop / Workstation Support

Desktops, laptops, tablets, and handheld devices each have important roles to fill in daily business operations. They also come with their own special maintenance needs. Hogan Consulting can help you focus on what you do best, and handle ongoing computer maintence tasks. Our technicians can remotely monitor your computers and identify systems in need of Windows updates, anti-virus updates, driver and software patches. We can maintain your systems and minimize security and stability risks to your office environment. We also manage your home computers and provide you with simple, secure remote access to your office computers from home.

Microsoft Server Support

Servers are the heart of your business machine. Are you giving them the attention they deserve? Don't wait until a heart attack strikes, server maintenance is critical for long-term stability and near-term security. Hogan Consulting can proactively monitor your servers and notify you of potential problems. Our goal is to keep your systems running smoothly and safely throughout their lifecycle to maximize your investment. When a failure occurs, we will work one-on-one with your hardware vendor to diagnose problems, order parts, direct repairs, and get your systems back online in the shortest possbile time.

Network Support

Is your Internet connection down again, or is it a problem inside your office network? Tired of the finger-pointing when you call technical support? Are you ready to improve your wireless network performance, or worried that your existing network is not secure? Is your business growing, reorganizing, or moving to a new location and you need network connections installed? Call Hogan Consulting. We will work with you to diagnose network problems, improve performance, document security issues, and prepare for office transitions. Our technicians have decades of network support experience and can address all your network needs.

Technology Planning & Strategy

Deciding where to invest business resources can be difficult. Navigating technical documentation, vendor whitepapers, contracts, and hyped sales materials to filter out the upfront costs, hidden fees, and ongoing maintenance expenses can be nearly impossible without a clear understanding of the technologies involved. Before you make big investments in computers, phone systems, printers, online services, software, or service contracts, call Hogan Consulting. We can help identify pitfalls, verify compatibility, and negotiate favorable service contacts with your long-term business goals as the top priority. We will provide you with clear estimates of costs and ultimate return on investments.