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E-Commerce Trends 2014, Mobile, Search Engine Optimization, Tech-Tuesday Presentation

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Computer Security and Disaster Recovery, Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce, Tech-Tuesday Presentation

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Study: Consumers More Likely to Shop On Mobile Devices Than PCs

While the "Year of Mobile" remains elusive for advertisers, it appears to have already arrived for e-commerce. Smartphone and tablet users are more likely to visit a retail website or app than desktop computer users, and more than a third of visits to the top 50 e-commerce sites come exclusively from mobile devices, according to a new study from analytics firm comScore. Read more

Responsive design: How to make your site effective on every size screen

How can brands develop an omnichannel plan that serves every device? How can you possibly keep up? The answer: Responsive design. Read more

What did the World search for in 2012?

Zeitgeist 2012, watch the year in review and see Google search trends from around the world. Read more

Business Insider: How People Actually Use The iPad Survey

We wanted to see how people are using the iPad, and how that use has evolved over the last three years. So we ran a reader survey. We got 2,242 responses which we have gathered here as a series of charts. Read more

NPD: Tablets To Overtake Notebooks By 2016 As The Most Popular Mobile ’PC’

Tablets, and specifically the iPad from Apple, have been one of the big drivers for growth in mobile in the last couple of years, but figures out today from NPD indicate that their popularity is going to get even bigger: the market for tablets, its researchers predict, is set to boom from 121 million shipped tablets today to 416 million devices by 2017, when they will overtake notebooks to become the most popular mobile PC device... Read more

Mary Meeker's Latest Stunning Presentation About The State Of The Web

No one in the entire world is as good at summarizing the state of the technology business through slideshow presentations as Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker. She's about to do it again at the All Things D conference. We have the presentation. Read more

Google Chrome Passes Internet Explorer To Become The World's Most Popular Web Browser

After months of chipping away at its lead, Google Chrome has finally overtaken Internet Explorer to become most popular web browser worldwide. Chrome's share of the market rose to 32.8% in the week ending May 20, while Internet... Read more

General Motors Pulls $10 Million Ad Campaign From Facebook

In a big vote of no confidence before Facebook's IPO, General Motors is pulling its ads from the platform, calling them "ineffective," according to a Wall Street Journal report. Read more

Google Totally Blows Away Facebook On Ad Performance

"No one ever got fired for telling clients to advertise on Facebook." That's the sarcastic mantra making its way round the digital advertising world right now. But is Facebook actually an efficient vehicle for marketers compared to the other digital ad giant, Google? Read more

10 Blogging Tips for 2012

Are you getting the most out of your blog? With the explosion of social media sites and a whole range of blogging and content sharing platforms at your fingertips, you should take another look at your blog. Is it still serving its purpose, reaching your customers and making the most of available resources? Here's a checklist of questions you should be asking and things you should be considering when evaluating your blog and planning for 2012. Read more

For Social Media Marketers, SEO Is Much More Popular Than PPC

Social media marketers are much more likely to also use SEO in their marketing efforts than PCC, according to a new survey out today. Read more

The Future of Mobile

From the IGNITION WEST: Future of Mobile conference in San Francisco...current trends. Read more

Google Research: Even If You Rank #1 Organically, You Can Double Your Clicks With Paid Search

When marketers have scrutinized Google's research on how organic and paid search results work together the search giant concluded that nixing the paid ads would result in a 89% drop in clicks. Read more